Flat Elisabeth

Earlier this year my niece, in the spirit of the Flat Stanley books, made a flat version of her self and mailed it to me. I was asked to take Flat Elisabeth around New York City and take pictures of her adventures.

 I took her to Central Park.

 Hung out by the fountain in Bryant Park.

 We rode the subway everywhere

and saw many skyscrapers.

 We chilled out on The High Line

 and took in all the energy at Times Square.

Even with all the places I had taken Flat Elisabeth I still felt guilty that I had not given myself enough time to take her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or stopped at Serendipity 3 for a frozen hot chocolate. I was wished I could have taken her on the Staten Island Ferry and got a picture of her with the Statue of Liberty. Oh and then there’s Broadway and Lincoln Center. The list could go on and on. In fact I almost woke up early on the day I needed to mail Flat Elisabeth back to my niece, and went all the way over to the Museum of Natural History just to get some extra pictures. I literally had to talk myself out of it. I needed to remember that yes, if my niece Elisabeth was here in NYC I would take days off just to take to her to all the amazing places I love in this city.  It’s times like these that make it even harder to live so far away from my nieces.
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Beaded Garland
Beaded Garland

I’m helping with the decorations for a party this weekend. It was a last minute undertaking so I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea. I’m so happy I got thrown into this though. In my mad search for an idea that would be easy yet leave a large impact I’ve gotten a little streamer happy. Look how fun! I have a feeling streamers will be in many more future party plans.

Accordion Streamers
Fringe Streamers
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Here I Go

I second-guess myself all the time. I hold on to a lot of fear. I fear that I’ll never be my best. I fear rejection. I fear pouring my heart into something just to be disappointed. I fear the hard work and enviable mistakes that are bound to follow. I forget that we all learn. I forget that there is no perfect equation in creativity. I forget that it’s in the mistakes that we find our way, our voice. I might not so easily lose my fear of being wrong, but I will choose to move forward anyway.

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