365 Days of Photos

17/365 Makes Me Smile: The View On My Run

This year I want to become a better photographer. I have a feeling that doing a 365 photo project is the perfect motivator to keep me consistant. Heaven knows I need the structure.  However, true to fashion I want to do mine a little different. I still plan on posting one photo a day for the year, but those photos may not have been taken the same day I post it. I want to work with a different theme each month. While some themes works really well for finding that one photo for the day other themes like “Portraits” and “Travel” are something I would like more time to pull together.

January’s theme is “Makes Me Smile”. This has been so good for me. The beginning of this project has been less about growing as a photographer and more about focusing on the positive. Looking for something that makes me smile every day has helped me count my blessings and reminded me of the pleasure found in little things. It’s been a hard couple of weeks. I can’t put my finger on what has me looking on the darker side, but finding that something that makes me smile every day has helped me stay grounded. Here are some of my favorites so far. Feel free to check out the rest of them on Instagram or my Flickr stream.

4/365 Makes Me Smile: Blanket Forts

5/365 Makes Me Smile: Being Creative

7/365 Makes Me Smile: The View

8/365 Makes Me Smile: Seeing Mark On Stage

18/365 Makes Me Smile: Sprinkles



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2 Responses to 365 Days of Photos

  1. Brittany says:

    I really like this idea! I started (and never finished) a 365 of self portraits a couple years ago, and I’ve been trying to come up with a theme for a new one. Would you mind if I copied your “Makes Me Smile” theme? I’ll even link to your blog.

    I love #17, by the way. If that was my view while running, I’d probably run a lot more often. Or at all.

    • christinepeel says:

      Thank you so much. Yes! You can totally copy my theme. It’s been so good for me to focus my photos on something that makes me smile. Please let me know where you post your photos. I’d love to see them.

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