The Thank You Card

 I recently grabbed long over due time with a good friend. It was one of those let me fill you in on everything that’s been going on this year kind of times.  It had been a busy year for both of us. Even though we had seen each other there was never time to have those deep talks that keep friendships close. We drank tea, ate lunch, and poured our hearts out to each other.  The next time I saw her she handed me a thank you card. I was so excited. I knew she would be saying all sorts of encouraging things in this card. She’s not one for a simple thank you.  It also reminded me of how often I can be silent. How many times have I noticed something good, inspiring, even genius in someone else? How many people have moved me, gave me courage, and warmed my heart? Have I spoken up like I should? The simple act of handing me a thank you card challenged me to say thank you to someone else. To share more often with people the good I saw in them. Thank you my dear friend.

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